1.  To create custom fields in the CRM, go to Setup --> Setup Extended Fields under Data Setup.

2.  From here, you can create Extended Fields in any part of the system, such as Contacts, Companies, Deals, etc.

3.  You need to name the field and select what kind of field you need

Character value:
Numeric value
Date only
Date and time
Predetermined drop down list
Predetermined radio buttons
A group of check boxes
Yes / No
Label (non input)
External Link (non input)

4.  After you create the new Extended Fields, they will show up under each section in their own "Extended Field" subgroup:

5.  If you wish to Edit, Delete, or re-order Extended Fields, go to Setup --> Setup Extended Fields again and manage all your fields on the following screen after selecting the proper area (contacts, companies, deals, etc.):

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