Why Free?

It's hard to evaluate CRM systems and it takes a long time to get everyone in your organization on board.  We're offering a free CRM for up to 1 year so that your company can easily make the transition and get started working with powerful CRM software.  

We know this process takes a long time, and a 30 day trial is never going to work. Even 60-90 days isn't enough for bigger companies to make a CRM decision, much less get the whole organization using a CRM.   This way, we are investing in your success and not pressuring you into a decision.

  1.  It's free for up to 1 year
  2.  After 1 year you have to pay or we delete the account
  3.  Free accounts don't have customer support or email and SMS campaigns.
  4. Limited to 100,000 contacts  

What happens after 1 Year?

You can upgrade to the Pro version anytime in the 1 year trial period.  If you do not upgrade, we will delete your account and all of your data when the 1 year expires.  As always, you can export your data anytime.

Upgrade Anytime

You can upgrade to the Professional edition anytime using the link at the top of the screen "Upgrade Your Account" link.  The cost is per month, per user with no long term contracts.  Upgrading to Professional is seamless -- no data is lost, none of your customizations are lost.  It's easy.


We don't sell your information -- it's your private data!  It's also our #1 job to make sure your data is always available and always safe & secure.  That's our job as a Cloud / SaaS CRM provider.

Your data is 100% private -- we do not use the data that you put into the system for any purpose other than supporting your CRM system. The data that you put in shall be and always will remain the sole property and private data of those individuals and organizations that input the data into this system. This data is never shared with any outside organizations or 3rd parties. In the event that our company becomes acquired, insolvent, comes under new ownership or any other change in corporate structure, we shall always insure that your data is completely private and never becomes compromised.  

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