First make any custom fields in the CRM, then Import

There's 2 steps, 1) make sure you have a CSV file and 2) create any custom fields

Then you can Import using the Import button on the left-navigation.

  1.  CSV File or Tab Delimited

CSV files, or comma separated text files are very common data files.  If you have an Excel file first go to File --> Save As and then select the Type to be CSV comma separated values.  Please note that you can also import TAB delimited files too.  We suggest CSV files but our system can handle both.

  2.  Custom Fields (Extended Fields)

Go to Setup --> Setup Extended Fields.  This is where you create custom fields for your business.  Make sure that every field in your CSV file has a corresponding field in the system.  Our CRM doesn't have "Favorite Airline" or "Preferred Insurance Carrier" or many of your businesses' custom data fields.  

  3.  Import

Once you've got the CSV file and have all of the custom fields created, go to the Import button on the left navigation and select your import options.  Most of the standard options are ready to go if you're importing contact information.  Simply select the file and submit.

  4.  Map Fields

Next, you are presented with the option to map fields in the import file with the default and Extended fields that you already created.  If you are a Pro customer, you can save this map to use later, in case you need to import from the same data format again.  

Once you've mapped the fields, the import begins and a report is generated.  Please review the Import report and then check the data that was imported.  

 5.  Rollback or Confirm

If you want to do the import over, go to the Import menu and on the right you should see an option to Rollback or Confirm all of your Imports.  Selecting Rollback lets you "Undo" the import --- it deletes all of the data and sets the CRM back to what it was before you imported the data.  It's very important to verify that your imported data is correct and correctly mapped.  Use the Rollback feature whenever there is a doubt.

Confirming an import "locks" it into the system.  Once confirmed, you will not be able to Rollback the import.

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